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Ever thought of how tiring and time consuming it is, managing work life and parenting?

Oh yes, you did! A very good reason you are here. We understand how exhausting that is to parents. Ranging from Single to Family parenting, gainfully employed and desired quality and exceptional care for the KIDS.

From Workplace competence, social practice, time management among others, We absolutely understand how tedious and frustrating it is finding and choosing suitable personality for your children.  Parents understands proper Childcare management which is why accepting the reality and responsibility of hiring a childcare giver, takes forever, ranging from present day trust and security issues.

More reason Kemcare Nanny and Placement Agency dare to shoulder responsibility of providing you suitable candidates that will bond well with your child. Also, giving you satisfactory solution for work-life balance.



Our Mission

Kemcare Nanny and Placement Agency is commitment driven organization founded with burning desire to develop childcare givers with necessary basic knowledge in childcare experience making early years of every child fun and memorable.

Thus, creating job avenue for women whose passion for Childcare is beyond measure. We spot the passion and competence, and have them screened, trained and exemplified Bona fide and readily available for hire just by matching the right staff with the right employer.


Our Value


* Etiquette Driven
* Passion, Care and Loyalty
* Competency and Transparency
* Pleasant and Effective Customer Service


Our Vision


Provision of Screened and Trained Caregivers